When is TOO Early to Get Festive?


Kylie made this for this article.

Kylie Stevermer and Flint Dignan, Student Writers

Everyone has that one friend who starts celebrating Christmas WAY too early, right? But here’s the thing, we don’t even know when the right time is to start celebrating! Flint and Kylie, two members of the Newspaper class, are here to give you some of our own opinions about the right time to get festive! Both friends take on different stances to provide insight on which side is better. Kylie takes the side of late celebrations, and Flint takes the side of early celebrating!

If you want to start celebrating Christmas in early September, I will bust out my Christmas socks and join you. Some people may think that you shouldn’t start getting into the festivities because it “isn’t the right season,” but that doesn’t really affect anything. Take Australia for example, they celebrate the holidays we consider to be “winter holidays” during summertime because that’s how their seasons work. The worry that we’ll forget about Halloween and Thanksgiving is another common fear from the opposing side, but what about people whose birthdays are on holidays? They still have birthday celebrations and holiday celebrations as well. Besides, sharing is caring, so holidays should share months.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Christmas is great! It is one of my favorite holidays, but I also believe December is the only time you should start celebrating because if you start celebrating in early September, you will start celebrating before autumn even starts, much less Halloween. If we ignore the terrible second meaning of Thanksgiving, we could also be missing another great holiday by celebrating Christmas. That’s just not right, I need my food!

Think about the decor, the seasonal attire, the food, the music, and the movies. There’s so much available, so why wouldn’t you want to spread it out? If you’re eating a sandwich, you’d spread out your Mayonnaise on the bread, not just keep it in a blob. Celebrating early would also help lower-income people as they’d be more able to afford holiday gifts due to the cost being spread out over the months. Families typically use Thanksgiving as an excuse to eat food and see each other, you can still do that if you start getting into the Christmas spirit early! Furthermore, families could just plan a time to get together, it would hold more of a special meaning if it was planned instead of just something that happens because the calendar says so.

I would like to point out that 25 days is plenty of time to get into the holiday spirit and decorate for the celebrations. Not everyone likes everything that Christmas has to offer so they would rather spend their time throughout September and October celebrating other holidays! As well, some places give discounts for their products because of Christmas, but only during December! So, it only seems right to celebrate in December only!

Everybody’s Christmas experience is different, which is why we came together to compare our vastly different lives and determine when the correct date is. Throughout this conversation we looked at valid arguments from both sides and realized that there is no right or wrong time to start celebrating. Whenever you want to start celebrating is the right time to celebrate, even if that time is never. Stay festive everyone!