Cheerful Chocolate

Flint Dignan, Student Writer

Do you ever want a snack, but ALSO want to support a Horace High activity? Well, for a limited amount of time now you can! The Horace High School cheer team is selling chocolate bars for a limited amount of time. I got to interview Emyly Lara-Torres, who is a member of Horace’s first ever cheer team about their sale!

During our conversation, Emyly informed me all about the different flavors of bars. They have milk chocolate, dark chocolate, crunch, wafer, almond, and caramel bars for sale. Each bar costs just $1, so they’re very affordable if you’re looking for a quick cheap snack.

You may be wondering what the money goes to, I would be too. Thanks to Emyly, now we can know. The funds from sales go towards funding for uniforms, sleeves, banquets, team bonding, Cheer camps, competitions, and any other miscellaneous things that the new team needs. As they’ve only been a team for about three and a half months, there’s plenty of things that they don’t have, funding being one of them.

There isn’t a set end date for the sale, but as soon as they run out of bars it’s over. With a mere 15 boxes left it’d be best to hurry and bring in your cash!  Being a cheer team, especially a young one, fundraisers are truly essential. So be sure to show your hawk pride and support the team!