Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Projections

Olivia Sorenson and Corinne Schmidt, Student Writer

The Horace High School’s basketball season has begun! There have already been a few games played this season with progressive results. Recently, the boys’ varsity team won against West Fargo High School. The girls’ varsity team have been making immense improvements with their games. We cannot wait to see what these teams have in store for the future!

We recently had the opportunity to interview a few members of the teams! We interviewed Isaiah Williams and Kelby Christofferson. We asked them a few questions about their projections were for this season. They had many responses for us!

We asked how they think their teams will achieve greatness this season. Williams responded expressing the development of the chemistry between players on the team. He highlighted how the team has built upon their bond that is “bigger than basketball”. The team has begun to trust one another on and off of the court. He focused on the team’s expectations by saying, “We are all expecting to take our ups and down considering we are a first year varsity program but we’ll stick to our game plan and play one game at a time.”

Kelby Christofferson answered the same question by expressing the need for hard work and pushing yourself and the team members to achieve success. We asked the question, ‘What is your favorite thing about basketball?’ Williams answered that his favorite part of the game is “the pace of the game and how skilled you have to be in order to be good at it.” He continues on about the intricate workings of the game and how much you need to practice in order to be good. Williams accentuates how when you put things together from practice it’s rewarding and it is where the fun truly begins for him.

Christofferson expressed her favorite part of basketball is the ability to work together as a team and get through “the hard and fun times” together. We finally asked Williams what the success of the team’s recent game felt like. He underlines the feeling of the team finally being meshed together and playing well together. He enjoyed winning against the other team and says the success felt truly amazing.

In all, congratulations to the beginning of 2022-2023’s basketball season. Good luck this season!