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Artificial vs Real Christmas Trees, which is Better?

Do you enjoy the fresh smell of real Christmas trees, or the nice convenience of using an artificial tree? The debate on whether real trees or artificial trees are better for Christmas, has been a common controversy for quite some time.

Many people enjoy how convenient having an artificial tree is: you don’t have to water it, it’s primarily a one-time purchase, and it’s easy to transport. Although it may seem that artificial trees are the way to go, many people advocate for the use of real Christmas trees. Individuals see real Christmas trees as a tradition that has been around for quite some time, and that true Christmas involves a real tree. It can be a family tradition to do pick your tree every year and enjoy that nice piney smell in your house.

Real trees and artificial trees both sound great, but there are some disadvantages to both. Artificial trees lack the traditional Christmas feel, while real trees need to be watered and you have to go pick them out. Whether you pick real trees or artificial trees, you can still enjoy the festive spirit; but what do you think, are real trees or artificial trees better?

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