The Situation Regarding North Dakota’s Attorney General Election

Levi Gorden, Student Writer

The premature death of Wayne Stenehjem is a tragedy that has presented North Dakota with an unfortunate question. Who is truly qualified to fill in the shoes of such well-regarded and admired man? Considered by his colleagues as the embodiment of public service, Wayne Stenehjem was undoubtedly a popular politician, the four decades of his political career being evidence enough. So who is fit to take up the reins as North Dakota’s Attorney General?

The open position of ND Attorney General currently only has one person openly coveting it, Drew Wrigley. Drew Wrigley has been the only person who has announced their running in the 2022 election so far, and by all means, it looks incredibly likely he will succeed. Born in Bismarck, Drew Wrigley started his career as a judicial law clerk in Delaware, before moving to a higher position as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia. He served there for 5 years before moving back to his home state in 2001. This sudden move back was prompted by George W. Bush appointing him as the United States Attorney for the District of North Dakota. He served at this position for 8 years before taking up the role of the Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota under Jack Dalrymple. He then came back to his place as the United States Attorney of the District of North Dakota, where he served for another 2 years. This long political history and past of acting as a public servant for North Dakota already bodes well for Wrigley, but a decision made just yesterday at the time of writing has even further cemented his chances. On February 8th 2022 Governor Doug Burgum appointed Drew Wrigley to serve as Attorney General in the stead of Wayne Stenehjem until the election later this year.

To summarize Drew Wrigley has had a long legal and political history, the majority of it being as a public servant for North Dakota. Drew Wrigley is currently the only person who has announced their will to run for the position of North Dakota’s Attorney General. And due to the current circumstances regarding the death of Wayne Stenehjem, Wrigley will be incumbent going into the 2022 election. While this article is not meant to prove Drew Wrigley’s viability as the Attorney General, the odds seem insurmountably in his favor.