Fast fashion in America


Ashley O'Connell, Student Writer

        What is fast fashion? Fast fashion is the changes in fashion are fast. Fast fashion is clothing that is trendy for a while then is considered unpopular these pieces of clothing usually end up being tossed and end up in the dumpster. Many companies that make fast fashion clothes are made cheap and are bad for the environment. 

      According to, fast fashion in America is considered a problem because it leaves a large environmental footprint. Making clothes requires time and labor not to mention the toxic fabric dyes, and chemicals. Fast fashion in America is common because it’s cheaper and easier to manufacture and to ship. Fast fashion keeps up with the latest fashion trends and its interest to customers. Customers are usually around the ages 18 through 24 (Investopedia). “There’s been a five-fold increase” the average piece of clothing is worn only 7 times before it is discarded or thrown away (CBS News).  

     What type of stores are fast fashion? Brands like the online store Shein. Shein is a Chinese owned fast fashion brand they market there trending apparel and are known for there cheap prices. Clothes produced by Shein are made with low quality and not made to last. These clothes will spend more time in the landfill then our closets. The main problem with Shein and other fast fashion stores is people by more than what’s sustainable for our planet ( 

     According to, fast fashion system is what really happens to our clothes is that they neither get recycled or donated. Instead, these clothes will go to a landfill or get incinerated. Our clothes take around 200 hundred years to fully get decomposed. These clothes can contaminate our fresh water, and this eventually affects humans and wildlife. Human rights also are a problem when it comes to fast fashion the conditions that these workers work in is inhumane, they have much to long work hours and a very low pay. Some even work in dangerous and hazardous conditions these are just some of the problems workers and the plant go through when dealing with fast fashion. 

     Fast fashion is not sustainable, and the clothes that end up in the landfill affect wildlife and human’s lives. There are many solutions to fast fashion like you can shop from places that are sustainable and ethical fashion brands. This will ensure your not harming the environment and will lower your carbon footprint. Another simple solution would be to buy less but buy high quality clothing. Most of your fast fashion clothing is made with very cheap materials, and if you buy high sustainable products your clothing will last longer (