The History of Bank Robbery

Ashley O'Connell, Student Writer

The first ever bank robbery recorded was when the countries were expanding westward the associates Jessie and frank James robbed the clay county savings association. The robbery took place in liberty, Missouri on February 13, 1866. The bank was owned by a former republican militiaman and the brothers, and their associates were angry ex-Confederates the gang had made it out $60,000. They also attacked an innocent bystander the James brothers and their friend Cole younger joined together to create the James- younger gang. The gang traveled to southern and western United States where they robbed banks and stagecoaches  

The most famous bank robbery in America was during the great depression in June of 1903-1934 by John Dillinger. His criminal life started when he unsuccessfully robbed a bank in Mooresville, IN grocer and was sentenced to serve 8-1/2 years in prison. After he was released at 30 years old Dillinger joined a gang where they committed many crimes that included dozens of bank robberies, three jailbreaks and 10 murders between September of 1933 and July 1934. He was known as the “Public Enemy #1” by the FBI, John Dillinger died on July 22, 1934, after being shot by federal authorities outside a movie theater in Chicago. His life was later immortalized on a movie by Johnny Depp in 2009 ‘Public Enemies’. 

Just recently in Fargo North Dakota 57-year-old Troy Michael Maynard robbed Wells Fargo bank in downtown town Fargo before 3 pm on Thursday. He handed the bank teller a paper bag and demanded money. Michael didn’t display a weapon. Sources say he left the bank with 1,634 dollars. Maynard left the bank and walked to orange records where he told the employee to call the police when police arrived, he identified himself as the guy who had robbed the bank. Maynard says he is homeless and isn’t from Fargo but that he lives in Iowa. He came to Fargo from Nebraska by bus. Micheal Maynard told authorities that he robbed the bank so he could have enough money to obtain housing and planned to hitchhike to Iowa, but no one offered him a ride Maynard said he walked for hours around Fargo but got cold and turned himself in. Maynard told authorities he has two other bank robbery convictions.