New Counselor, Who’s Mrs. Leick?


Olivia Sorenson, Student Writer

Looking for someone to talk to? Our newest counselor, Mrs. Leick is here for your needs. As I walked into her office, I felt nothing but comfort and a welcoming feeling. This is Mrs. Leick’s first year of counseling, and she is beyond excited.

As a counselor, Leick helps students build their schedules, check in with students, have one- on- one meetings, comes to classes and teach large groups, and more. She encourages students to come and talk to her about anything, even if it’s just about what you did that weekend.

If you are scared to talk to a counselor, you shouldn’t be! Leick understands how it may be hard to open up to someone and will continue to help you through whatever’s going on. She says her door is always open and hopes to build connections to you. She will not share what you want to talk to her about unless it involves harm to you or someone else.

Mrs. Leick claims to have come to Horace of the warm and welcoming feeling. She is excited about the growing community. This year she hopes to accomplish learning everyone’s name, as she feels it’s important to build relationships with students.

If you need something to get you started with Leick, she loves hockey and animals. She mentioned how when you first go to the counselor it’s easier to start by talking about what you did over the weekend, or things you’re doing in school, if you feel nervous. The counselors at our school have many resources, including the Trevor project, which is made for the LGBTQ+ community.

Mrs. Leick is assigned to the MET and DAC pathways, along with 10th and 11th grade students with the last name L-Z, but not limited to. Mrs. Leick is excited to share this upcoming school year with you.