Quiz-bowl Recap

A Timed Trial of Talented Teen Teams Trivia


Nadir Mohamed, Student Writer

On November 14th, Horace had another new program take its first steps. The Horace Quiz-bowl team (yes, we have one of those) competed at their first tournament taking 7th out of the 20+ teams there. With a ragtag crew of nerds and know-it-alls, Horace made their presence known at the tournament. Horace excelled in topics such as literature and math, but there were also weaknesses, with the team struggling immensely in Electives. For a first-year program, this was a surprisingly decent first showing. Horace’s team comprised Chaz Leet, Seth Almanaseer, Hannah Stevermer, Nadir Mohamed, Griffin Terras, and Ryan Benson, led by Mrs. Daley.

The Quiz-bowl program is a passion project of two students, Maggie Dick and Griffin Terras. After being informed of this activity by students from other schools, they took it upon themselves to jumpstart a program here at Horace. After finding an advisor and getting approved by the activity’s director, they were greenlit and ready to go.

We interviewed Griffin Terras, one of the founding members of the Quiz-bowl team, and he had this to say about the first tournament, “It was an exhilarating experience, and I can’t wait to do it again.” He went on to say, “Honestly, for a first tournament we did much better than expected. Like I thought we were going to place somewhere more in the middle. It was also a little unfortunate one of the questions we got right got thrown out because a team was experiencing technical difficulties.”

For those who may want to join the Quiz-bowl team, signing up is still allowed and we welcome you to join.