Boys Hawk Basketball Ready to Take the Court!


Alex T. Lewis, Student Writer

The Horace Hawks are having their first real varsity season. This is along with JV, C, 9A and 9B. They had many players trying out for the team on November on the 21, 22, and the 23. The tryouts included shooting, dribbling, agility, and a whole bunch of endurance, while the head coach Hutchison and assistant coach Ash scoped out a team.

Here’s a little about the head coach, Hutchinson has been coaching for the Hawks since 2020 and has been looking forward to the 22-23 season. He’s big on what he calls the “three pillars of a hawk attitude”. Effort. Love. Attitude. This drives the players to play hard. Hutchison spent years at West Fargo Sheyenne being the assistant coach, helping the team go to many state appearances and coaching for C squad accumulating a 55-12 record.

With a great coach both varsity and JV headed out on Saturday to pelican rapids for a scrimmage where are defense dominated, showing the teams we can play.

Later on December 1, the boy’s JV and Varsity team ran a scrimmage at 7:15. It was team Hutchinson versus team Ash, the scrimmage was a great game and team Hutchinson ended pulling out the win with a score of 93-71 with the looser getting pied. The game wasn’t the only event there, there was a silent auction, free will donation, and a fun game during the end of the first and at half time you could win $127. It was a very fun and memorable night for the hawks. With the season just starting there will be many great accomplishments and also many things we will need to work on. It’s only the beginning, and there’s no doubt the Hawks will soar.