Career Fair

Keilee Joshua-Kinnischtzke, Student Writer

On December 1, all freshman in the Fargo-Moorhead area went to the Fargo Dome for a Career Expo. The career expo was meant for students to have an opportunity to see many careers they could do in the future.

The students got a chance to walk around and explore careers they may have been interested in before or found a new interest for. Students could do a lot more hands on stuff and talk to the employees that work for all the different companies and careers.

Some of the students thought it was very cool but also thought it needed a little more career pathways so there would be more options if careers they could do when their older. A lot of students liked all the free things they give out to everyone and how they got to see all their friends from different schools.

Many students said that they would like to go to something like that again. Hopefully administration sees this and finds a way!