Prayers for Damar Hamlin


Alex T. Lewis

During the Monday night showdown, the Cincinnati Bengals took on the Buffalo Bills, but Buffalos defensive back Damar Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest after taking a hit to the chest from the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins. After the hit, Hamlin stood up then fell to the ground right away. Medical personnel rushed to him and started to preform CPR but had to switch to an automated external defibrillator due to CPR not working. It took thirty minutes to get Hamlin situated and removed by ambulance to the Cincinnati medical center where they put him in the level one trauma center. The NFL stated that he was in critical condition and that the hospital couldn’t release any more information during Monday night. Jordan Rooney gave an update according to saying “vitals are back to normal, and they have put him to sleep to put a breathing tube down his throat.” Six days later Damar woke up from his sleep and posted on social media as CNN said, “The NFL star on Sunday posted a photo of himself on social media that shows him sitting up in his hospital bed making a heart sign”. He continued posting and talking about how he wants to be there on the field and enjoyed watching his team win over the New England Patriots on Sunday night. There is no doubt this scared the NFL fan base because the game was suspended, and the players retreated to their locker rooms to make sure their teammate and opponent was ok. Bengals and Bills players later visited Hamlin in the hospital to make sure he was ok, also Bills and Bengals fans stood around the hospital to pray and hope for his recovery. Most of the Bills flew home that night but also some stayed overnight at the hospital for their teammate. Who is Damar Hamlin? Hamlin was the starting safety at the university of Pittsburgh where he was the team captain and set records during his senior season. After the season he set up a fund raiser toy drive for his hometown to give back to the community because according to the New York Times he says, “Thank you so much for supporting me on and off the field”. In 2021 the Buffalo Bills saw his talent on and off the field and drafted him during the sixth round. He was a backup for a while but got an opportunity after the starting safety sustained a season ending injury that put Hamlin in the starting spot. He performed well and helped the Buffalo Bills get a record of 12-3. The NFL and the community all hope you make a good recovery and thank you for the amazing work you did for you home.