Avatar: The Way of the Water: Somewhat Review

Corinne Schmidt, Student Writer

I’ll cut right to it; I could not make it past the first hour of Avatar. Originally, this article was assigned to me in the middle of January. It is now February, and I haven’t made any headway on watching the series. When this was first given to me to write, I was eager to learn what all the fuss was about. My older sister raves about this film, and I was wondering what makes them so great. However, I came to realize that I would never make it through the first Avatar.

How am I supposed to write a review on a movie I haven’t seen? I don’t know, but here I am doing it. I’ve asked numerous people what they thought of the movies, and the answers continue to vary. Here’s what I’ve gathered, Avatar and Avatar II are a similar plots to many movies created by Hollywood. As we know, Hollywood loves to create a replications of movies and just change the characters names. It seems the Avatar series falls right under this category. The reviews I’ve received are, “It wasn’t that bad”, “I love Avatar! But you do have to get emotionally attached to like it”, and “They’re so good, it’s not the same!” This gives me a sense of it depends on how much you care. Relatively, if you do not consider yourself a “film snob” then you could really like this series. However, if do not like to repeated plots with changed scenery and areas where the movie’s plot falls through, then the films could not be for you.

In all, I have no true opinion. As always, we all are not the same. We will not all like the same things. That said, will you watch the Avatar films after this somewhat review?