Boys Wrestling

Olivia Sorenson, Student Writer

The Horace/ Sheyenne boys wrestling co-op is in the middle of their season, and we wanted to know what was going on. Lex Lunde, the head boys wrestling coach, let me know how things were going. He says that overall, it has been a great year so far, with 5 conference duals left this season. He says the goal is to be EDC champions for a two-year streak.

As you may know, Sheyenne and Horace have a co-op wrestling team. When I asked about it, here’s what Alex had to say, “Kids from different schools get to know each other. It shows camaraderie between different schools within the same district.” He goes on to say that he enjoys that students from Horace get the opportunity to be in a program that is not available at their school. He says the only issue is the bussing.

Lex and the assistant coaches, Lane and Logan Lunde, have all had about 16 years of wrestling experience, and since Lex was merely 5 years old. He says he wouldn’t rather coach anything else. These coaches have never changed the way of the team since they started, and anyone can be part of the team with dedication and acceptance to everyone. Lex tells me that they have a range of 12-year-olds to 18-year-olds. He says that he goes with respect, and it’s a lifestyle, not a “sport-selective idea”.

Their most recent tournaments, ranging around the state, have gone particularly well. He says he hopes for one more win. He also states that the team has gotten way better as the season, and team, progresses. I asked Lex to tell me what the team needs to work on. He says, “Belief. Belief in their preparation. Belief that they are the best in the state.”