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It Starts Now: Let’s Make the Most Of High School


Freshmen entering high school are constantly wondering what classes to take. What activities should I join? How to get an A? If only there was a way our fellow seniors could help us make the most of high school. Well now they can! I asked seniors about their high school experience and here are their answers.

What is some advice you would give to freshman?

Maggie Dick – “Don’t start down a path of procrastination; it will very easily become a bad habit.”

Justin Tassava – “Don’t wait until the last minute and ask for help when you need it.”

Ella Schroeder – “Give 100% in all your assignments and tests. Focus on your mental and physical health.”

Griffin Terras – “Join lots of clubs, grades always matter, and DO NOT DATE UPPERCLASSMEN!”

Ultimately, you need to work hard to get the grades that you want. However, that is not something to be worried about. If you ask for help and try hard on your assignments, the work will pay off.

What is one thing you regret not doing in high school?

Madison Karna – “Join things! I truly wish I joined more activities throughout high school.”

Bhumika Basnet – “Not being too able to find what I like doing the most. Not trying new things.”

Most people that have been in high school regret at least one thing, a lot of time, that is not being involved in more activities. If you truly don’t want to have regrets, go outside of your comfort zone, try new activities and get involved. Our school has many opportunities such as sport teams, student leadership programs, fine arts activities and a wide selection of extracurriculars. There will be something for everyone here at this school, all you’ve got to do is look for them.

Finally, I asked, what is your favorite memory so far?

Hannah Stevermer – “Being involved with Speech and Debate brought lots of great memories.”

Bhumika Basnet – “Being with my friends. All the new friends and memories I made.”

In high school, it is important to spend time building relationships with others. Having friends can improve your high school experience and can make it a lot more fun. Joining activities can bring many fun memories that you will remember long after high school.

So, if you were a freshman wondering, “How do I make the most of high school?”, I hope this article helped!

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