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Our “Wildest Dreams” Just Came True

If you want to know “How You Get the Girl (Taylor’s Version)”, listening to 1989 (Taylor’s Version) will get you there. Exactly nine years to the day, October 27, 2023, Taylor Swift rereleased the original album including some never heard vault tracks. There’s no denying the improvement of Swift’s vocals, as the majority of the tracks enhanced to be crisper and smoother. However, like the re-release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), a few tracks were evidently different. Whether due to the lack of emotion of not being in your mid-20s or just small production changes.

In the new version of 1989, “You Are In Love” is an obvious revamp between albums. The background vocals give the track new life and profoundness. The new register of Swift’s voice shows her confidence and reflects the progression of her music journey. However, amongst the re releases there were some disappointments. “Style” is the most talked about, as the guitar riff is meticulously different and an absence of passion. But honestly, unless you are playing the songs back-to-back, the scrupulous contrasts are hard to hear.

In addition to the regular tracks, there were five new ‘From The Vault’ tracks introduced. They were all packed full of pop and dreams but there was one title that caught everyone’s eye. It was the most anticipated track due to its provocative title. Many were expecting a Reputation feeling; however, it rather was a soft love song. It was sweet and allowed Swift to reclaim a misogynistic word thrown at her often.

1989 (Taylor’s Version) is an overall success and had a blockbuster debut. It brought old classics new life and a deeper sound. For fanatic Swifties with specific attention to detail, different production or changing vocals may make the tracks fall- but for the most part these variations are rarely noticeable.

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