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Senior Personal Parking

The seniors should get their own personal parking. It’s hard most of the time to find good parking in the morning. My sister is a senior, and she drives me to school. Every day we have to leave thirty minutes early just so we can get a good parking spot.

I know that this would still be a struggle for all the other grades, but there are so many other schools that do this. Most of the students that can drive are seniors, and once the seniors graduate then juniors from the past year will get a chance to have reserved parking too.

Some teachers have been parking in the student parking lot. Now, I don’t know why. Maybe there’s no more parking in the teacher, but it makes it so there is no room for students to park sometimes. Some students have had to park in the visitor parking because of it.

So, it would really benefit the students that way. I think it would be fun for the seniors. They could paint them each year to have them like their own until the end of the year.

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