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Is Advisory Beneficial?


Everyday our Hawks spend 20-minutes in advisory to relax and learn lifelong skills. Students are required to read on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and on Tuesdays and Thursday, students are given assignments to learn skills necessary for life. Our Hawks had a lot to say about advisory, and it’s uses.

When investigating whether students feel like advisory actually does what it was made to do, our Hawks had mixed reactions. During a poll, 61% of students found that advisory did allow them to relax, advisory checked one out of the two boxes! Though, when asked about whether students feel like they are learning, only 27% of students said yes. Another question asked to the students was if they feel it would be beneficial to have advisory to ask teachers questions, majority of students would rather use this time to ask their teachers questions they may have.

Many students had mixed feelings about how they feel about the reading days. Some of them love the time they are given to read, but not all students love to read them and would rather use this time to be able to do their homework. Since reading days are supposed to be relaxed days, it would be beneficial if students are able to choose how they want to spend their time. Students feel they should be given options such as, flexing out, reading, doing puzzles, and the most common option, doing homework.

Thoughts about advisory were split. Students that enjoyed advisory loved reading, but the students that don’t like reading, would rather spend advisory choosing what they want to do. That students that didn’t enjoy advisory would rather have the class as a whole removed. It is not necessary to remove advisory because it is doing half of what it was made to do, however, advisory needs major improvements. Some commonly suggested improvements were, like reported on before, to give students a choice on how they would like to spend advisory, as well as allow students without any Fs to flex out, and requiring students to make E-Hall Passes to teachers, otherwise the students should stay in their assigned advisory. In order to prevent students from messing around during this time.

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