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The Barbie Movie


As we break out of the box into the new school year, maybe you fellow hawks brought back with you a bad tan, a few extra inches, maybe even flat feet. We asked some our Horace student body and staff about the film of the summer, directed by Greta Gerwig, Barbie the movie. When we take a look into Barbie-Land and the satirical take on modern-day society, bucketloads of pink, and total beach warfare. Our hawks sure had a lot to say about the box office breakout.

After looking at the thoroughly curated responses on our poll, the hawks gave the Barbie movie a whopping 3.71 stars. Talk about harsh. Let’s dive into this feedback. One comment read, “I think it was meant to be a humorous take on the struggles of working moms and women in general face on a daily basis. It was funny and self aware and not meant to be taken too seriously.” Which makes a great point. The movie felt like it was a parody of a well-loved staple of our childhoods whilst shining light on women’s issues in an easily digestible way. This movie was in no way supposed to be about hating men, or some piece of feminist propaganda. It was opening us to conversations about what everyday women go through. And we think those are amazing conversations that need to have.

Another commenter thought, “Women will never move forward in life if they are constantly focused on how “oppressed” they are… it was so overrated and overhyped.” What a Ken…yikes.

Obviously, our hawks had some strong kenergy towards the Barbie movie. There were many mixed reviews, but what we can take away from this movie is She’s everything, we’re just Ken.

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