WHAT is Happening with the Hawk School Store?


Olivia Sorenson, Student Writer

If you are anything like me, you would be wondering, what is happening with the school store? Well, I have some answers.

The school store will start opening at lunch and advisory times. Retail store management is the class that helps run the store, just like a normal retail business. Mrs. Daley, the operator of the store, expressed that it is challenging to run the store.

Daley has her own business and marketing classes, helps run and operate the store, is the coach for cross country and girls track, on top of being a single mother while her husband is deployed with the army. Dailey says, “I enjoy it though, and I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it.”

These last couple years have made clothing chains significantly harder to get good quality merchandise to the store. Ordering months in advance, inflation, the worker shortage, and the other global issues have all made this process harder. Somehow, Daley manages to do it all.

The school store is actually the senior capstone for marketing and entrepreneurship pathways. Students will run almost everything, with the knowledge they learn from their classes during their time at Horace High School. Daley is excited for students to take ownership of this wonderful opportunity they will receive.

The school store is run like any other retail business. You have to go through financials, and as Daley said, “Real money is exchanged for real products”. If you’re wondering who can purchase from the school store, the answer is everyone! Students, teachers, coaches, family members, friends, etc. There’s no limit to who can buy!

If you want to find ways to support the school store, a good way to help any store is buying something. Now you know, that’s what’s up with the school store.