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Extended Lunches

Students should get extended lunches. I feel as though we should because we never have enough time for lunch. Students that drive may want to go home or might want to get fast food somewhere, but being we only have twenty-five minutes with a five-minute passing period for lunch there is just not enough time.

We have one hour and forty-five minutes for classes and we have blocked classes so four of them a day. If we took just five minutes off of each class, it would give us twenty more minutes for lunch and that would give us plenty of time to get our food and actually be able to eat it.

For the students that don’t drive it’s still a problem because if we want to walk anywhere, we have to run because we can’t even be a minute late or else we will get a thirty-minute detention. Now I know we could just stay at the school, and you would think that the problem would be solved, but it doesn’t really work like that because it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to wait in the lunch line because of all the students in there at once. And then we again have no time to eat.

So, I think the students can really benefit from this especially because it’s one of our only times a day we get to socialize and talk to our friends. And even teachers could benefit from this it gives them enough time to finish up grading or any other work they may need to get done.

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