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10 Meal Tips from a Student

  1. Put a splash of vanilla in pancake mix to give it a cake-y taste.
  2. Almost anything can be pizza. You have some sauce, tortillas and cheese? Pizza. Naan bread and spaghetti tomato sauce? Pizza. Cherry tomatoes, crackers, and mozzarella? Pizza. It’s good every time too.
  3. If you don’t know what to eat but you are starving, just have some cereal. Now that you have at least eaten something, you can have something else. Don’t get stuck in a miserable cycle of wanting to eat but not having anything to eat. Eating something with sugar is better than eating nothing, I promise.
  4. Please drink some water. Even a little bit (spoken from a severely dehydrated person).
  5. If you are at home with nothing to eat and you don’t have any money, there are a ton of food pantries in the area. In addition, most teenagers are very willing to bring you food or go out and get some food. If neither of those work, download a restaurant app and set your birthday to that day.
  6. As someone who struggles with food texture and tolerance, I have never not wanted a slice of buttered white bread.
  7. If you hate vegetables but also are a human who needs them to live, there are a couple ways to go. You can put some in a Tupperware with water and a splash of soy sauce and you’ve got some good stuff. Mix them in with spaghetti or put them on one of your various pizzas. Surround them in better tasting stuff. Have a burger and just put some slices of anything. Surround them in some kind of carb, it’s easier that way.
  8. Do not count calories under any circumstances. Calories don’t matter, nutrients do. If you are hungry, you are allowed to eat more than 2000 calories a day, it simply doesn’t matter.
  9. If you are full, stop eating. The kids starving in Africa are not affected by half a piece of chicken or bowl of rice you throw away. Stop feeling guilty for being a human with limits.
  10. If you feel dizzy or your vision goes dark when you stand, you feel tired all the time, or you crave ice (not water, literally chunks of ice), you may be anemic! Proteins and vegetables have high iron content, so please eat more of those!
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  • J

    Justin TassavaJan 19, 2024 at 10:25 am

    For #10:
    Dizziness, or momentary loss of vision, or constant exhaustion can be symptoms of many different conditions (conditions like hypotension, hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, anemia, head injuries, etc.).

    If it is frequent, bothersome, or concerning, you should visit your healthcare provider as soon as possible. While the internet can help, it usually makes people concerned about conditions that they COULD have before professionals even have a sense of what’s happening.