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Should We Read?

There are extraneous benefits to reading books. But let’s be realistic: It’s difficult to be motivated enough to read a 200+ page book when you could watch the movie version instead. However, if your only reading source consists of social media posts or billboards you’re missing out.

Still, it remains to be a question, what are the extraneous benefits to reading books? Your stress levels can be reduced along with an improvement in your mental health. Some wise tales could even say it helps you live longer. Reading often teaches you new things about your surroundings and the world. It can help you succeed in not being oblivious to everything and have a better vocabulary. The ultimate part? You get some fantastic entertainment while gaining benefits.

Understanding why we should read is just the first step, now where can we get a book? If you attend Horace High School, Mrs. Hillman would love to see you in the library and help you. Or if you’re interested in getting out, West Fargo Public Library has hundreds of books to choose from. This winter, cozy up to the fireplace and enjoy a book.

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