AP Human Geography: What you should know before selecting your first AP class

Levi Gorden, Student Writer

AP Human Geography: What you should know before selecting your first AP class

AP Human Geography is the earliest available AP class at Horace High School. For many people this will be their first experience with an AP class. This article will be detailing some of the most important things for an 8th grader to know before going into AP Human Geography. Additionally This article will be giving some information on AP classes in general.


Why is AP Human Geography at the freshman level?

AP classes are advanced placement classes, meaning they’re more advanced versions of base level classes. AP Human Geography is the advanced version of World Geography. There are only two AP classes authorized by the College Board that are offered to 9th grade classes, and our school has only adopted one, AP Human Geography.


What should you know before going into AP Human Geography?

AP Human Geography, more than anything else, requires strong reading and writing skills. Ask Mr. Knudsen, AP Human Geography teacher, and that is the first thing that he will tell you. The AP textbook is a very dense work, and you’ll be reading pretty much the entire thing over the course of the semester. So, you have to be ready to spend a lot of time reading. You’ll also have to be able to write in full sentences and properly articulate your thoughts. Good conveyance of information and proper sentence structure is essential. AP Human Geography is also meant to inspire higher level thinking. Many questions on tests require you to think critically about what you’ve read, and then apply it to a hypothetical situation presented. AP Human Geography and World Geography have much of the same base material, AP Human Geography just requires more effort and greater consideration of societal impacts.


Is it worth it without the AP test?

All AP classes have an AP test to take at the end of the year. If you, for whatever reason, don’t intend on taking the test at the end of the year you should know there’s still value in taking the course. Any teacher will tell you that the AP test is only a part of the course. The AP test itself only provides college credit, while the course itself weights your GPA, encourages higher level thinking, and further develops important skills. One important thing to note is that AP tests have a set date at the end of the year. This means that even if you have AP Human Geography in the first semester, you will have to wait until the end of the year to take the test.


Suggestions for anyone who takes interest in AP Human Geography

AP Human Geography is very valuable course for many career paths. Horace High School principal Dr. Cronin suggests a history or social science field for those who take great interest into the course’s material. If you want to be something like a sociologist or a geographer when you go into the workforce, this class is an essential start. AP Human Geography is also a great jumping off point for anyone looking for a heavily academic future. Whether you have a specific career in mind, a dream of going to an ivy league school, or just a desire to challenge yourself, AP Human Geography is an excellent course choice. Just be prepared for the extra work.