Why Wouldn’t You Join Cross Country?


Flint Dignan, Student Writer

Coach Daley is the head coach of the cross country team. This is their first year with a Varsity team entirely from Horace! Her favorite thing about coaching cross country is seeing how much students grow from when they first join, to when the season ends. In cross country, you get what you give. Everybody runs the same race, but it depends on how much effort you put into it. She says, “It truly is a team sport if you’re doing it right.”

She feels great about this year for her sport. Due to this being their third year as a team they have some traditions, and they’re also continuing to make new traditions. Coach Daley states, “With tradition there comes culture, and culture creates chemistry and bonds.”

A difficulty that the cross country team faces is the fact that the majority of the athletes have to rely on parental transportation due to their age, so it can be difficult to get off campus. Another thing that can be difficult for them is finding sidewalks to run on. Horace isn’t fully developed yet, so there aren’t a lot of sidewalks for them. Coach Daley has been passionate about cross country since she was 14-15 years old, she loves to share her passion for running with her students and enjoys seeing them grow as people throughout the season. The runners change a lot from the beginning of the season to the end. They grow physically since they’ve been running a lot, and socially because they make friends.  After the season they’re able to wake up and go for a run with their friends.  In addition, they grow mentally through cross country. “It’s outperforming that glass ceiling you set for yourself, and shattering it,” as Coach Daley puts it.

She takes strides to push the runners and be a positive influence for them. Joining cross country gives students fitness, friends, and lifelong memories. The team is going to Detroit Lakes this coming week on Thursday the 8th to race at the Detroit Lakes Rotary Invite for the first time. Go Hawks!

So, the next time you’re wondering if you should join cross country, Coach Daley’s response is, “Why wouldn’t you join Cross Country?”