Welcoming Horace High’s Newest Biology Teacher

Carly Bleth, Student Writer

Some people have always known they will be teachers, some have an ah-ha moment, and others just always come back to it no matter where else their life is. Miss Roll was a DNA sequencing analyst before pursuing teaching. Working at Aldevorn she gained real lab experience that will expand the content she is able to offer our students. She went to college at NDSU majoring in biology with minors in chemistry and zoology. She is currently back in college taking online classes after school hours. Here at Horace High she will be teaching biology and environmental science. We are very excited to see how her prior involvement and understanding in these fields amplifies the education she is able to provide.

When in high school she was involved in almost anything offered at her small school. This includes dance, golf, student council, and National Honors Society Phi Eta Sigma who’s motto is knowledge is power. This is definitely cohesive with her teaching style and values. Her goal as a teacher is to help students understand the content learned in her classes and make it possible for them to apply it in their daily lives. Although science is all around us she has noticed that science is not basic knowledge. She appreciates effort and acknowledges no one is perfect. She hopes that by gaining these skills now her students are able to grasp the content and carry it with them for the rest of their lives. With the current teacher shortage we are so grateful to have someone so passionate about biology educating our students.

She moved to Horace two years ago and is enjoying the environment. We are so excited not only to have her in the community of Horace but also the community at Horace high school. You can contact her through email at [email protected], in room E203 during her prep periods 2A and 4B, or after school by appointment.