Horace High School’s New Gym Teacher Hopes to Make a Positive Impact


Corinne Schmidt, Student Writer

“My hope for this year is to make a positive impact on all kids. Whether they are in my class or not I want to make their school year better,” Quinn Irey says in an interview I had the delight of having to know him better.

Originally from Bismarck, North Dakota, Irey went to college at the University of Jamestown. In 2018 he graduated with a major in physical education and a minor in history.

When asked if he had any thoughts about pursuing a different career, he answered that he’s never given any thought to another profession, “All I’ve ever wanted to do was teach physical education or history.”

Irey believes that physical activity is one of the most important aspects of life. He has always loved to move and discover fun new ways to be active as well as teaching others.

Physical education has been one of Irey’s greatest interests since he was in high school. Being in the weight room was something that he has always found exciting and he has been intrigued by it since a young age. Exploring the different P.E classes his school had to offer was one of the things Irey most enjoyed.

Before he came to Horace High School, Irey taught children physical education and health at West Side Elementary School. When I asked if he’d ever considered teaching high school before he spoke about how it’s often been something he considered, “I’ve thought about it but my interest grew when I was hired as the baseball coach.”

Head coach of the Hawks baseball team, alongside Parker Janske and Preston Kath. Baseball has been Irey’s favorite sport for as long as he can remember, and he is eager to continue to coach.

Irey is excited and ready to be a Horace Hawk. His greatest hope for this year is to make the best impact he can on the kids in and out of his class.