Bullet Train Review: Train Ride to Watch

Corinne Schmidt , Student Writer

Hollywood has plenty of time filling action movies that are thrilling without the work of making our brains think about the plot. Bullet Train falls under this category. The movie is watchable and predictably stupid. Characters continue to make imbecilic choices that have the audience questioning the movie.  

The movie stars Brad Pitt, who plays Ladybug, a hired unlucky assassin looking for peaceful missions after returning from his mind-fulfilling anger management retreat. Ladybug’s simple mission given to him by his handler, Maria Beetle played by Sandra Bullock, is to retrieve a briefcase on a train traveling 320 kilometers per hour from Tokyo to Kyoto. This mission seems simple, but due to his shocking luck the train is filled with hired assassins, each with their hearts set on killing each other in the strangest ways.  

Among the cast includes a British set of fraternal twins: Tangerine (Aaron-Taylor Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry). Taylor-Johnson plays a clean-cut brash killer who enjoys racking up his kill count. Henry’s character is obsessed with the children’s series Thomas the Tank Engine. He believes that it is the blueprint to life and teaches you how to tell someone’s real personality traits. Along the movie, the passengers learn that Diesel is the worst and untrustworthy.  

Also in the train is the only female character with any sort of background. Going by the name Prince (Joey King) she claims to be an innocent schoolgirl throughout the story to which most believe. The fight scenes of this movie could save the mindless plot but it is constant tight spaces leaving little room and giving more opportunities for venomous snakes and samurai swords to be thrown.  

The movie is rated R for extreme violence so make sure your parents are okay with you watching it like mine were. Overall, it has some smooth moves and if you are looking for a movie to fill your time with blood and fun characters in the mix, Bullet Train is the movie to see.