The “Sleeping City” is Waking Up

Horace Gains New Businesses


Carly Bleth, Student Writer

The town of Horace has flourished over the past decade, and there are no signs of slowing down. The town mayor Korey Peterson gives us insight on what to expect in the future during an interview with Nadir Mohammad. The mayor and city council have been working tirelessly recruiting businesses and overseeing new developments. Close to 300 new homes were built this year, and he is confident that around the same will be constructed next year. Demand for businesses continues to grow with all the new people coming into the city. Recently, we have gained The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy, The Grove Coffee and Wine, Tundra Nutrition, Readitech, and many more.

The mayor highlighted that Readitech is an internet provider that allows for crazy upload and download speeds. The average individual might not notice a difference but for businesses and large users, this is a game changer, unlike anything they have in Fargo and West Fargo. In the coming time, we can expect to see a clinic, a new bar restaurant, Dairy Queen, another gas station, and new clientele in the industrial park just south of town. The bar restaurant and clinic will be in the strip mall North of the pharmacy.

There is still space open. If you are business looking for room, run don’t walk, and speak now for your chance to compete in our market and join our community. For the question that everyone is asking, when will we get a supermarket? The answer is not soon enough, but hopefully soon. It has been in the works for years. “They are keeping track of rooftops,” the mayor states, and once it reaches some “magic number” the planning will begin. Although he doesn’t know exactly what that “magic number” is, he is assuming we are getting close.

They are also currently in the process of recruiting a hardware store for the area. Horace and the surrounding space have a huge market of ready and willing customers, so new businesses are always wanted and appreciated. Next year Horace celebrates the 150th anniversary, and the mayor and council have lots of exciting plans for the near future. I will cover that in my next article so keep an eye out.