The Library Has More than Just Puzzles


Kylie Stevermer, Student Writer

What do you think of when you hear the word library? Is it books, or is it resources? Because our library in Horace High School is filled with many resources for teachers and students alike! The librarian, Mrs. Hillman, has been teaching for 15 years and has been a library media specialist for 14 of them!

Mrs. Hillman has said that a lot of people think of libraries as places just for books but, libraries are filled to the brim with resources for everyone! Mrs. Hillman’s favorite resource, for both teachers and students, is MakinVia. She says it is easy to use and very helpful because you can check out at any time, at home, at school, seriously, any time. You can also check out any book from the middle school as well. It’s overall a great source for everyone.

Other resources in our library include, noodletools, an online engine that allows you to correctly source any website or article you need, databases for researching, the online newspaper, items for check out such as keyboards, charging stations for iPads, as well as resources for teachers like breakout boxes, podcast equipment, special cameras, DVD players, and other special technology like that.

One of my favorite resources the library has, is the Inter-Library Loan program, also called the I.L.L. The I.L.L program is a system where a student can check out books from another school within the district and the library will send it over in the mail. There’s also a I.L.L program throughout the state libraries.

Mrs. Hillman has really pushed the concept of emailing her if you need help or if you want a book or anything of the sort; she really loves hearing from students about the library!