Say Hello to the Hawks First Cheer Team


Emyly Lara-Torres, Student Writer

Congratulations to the girls who made the school’s first cheer team! The cheer members include Desiree Smith, Destiny Yormie, Mercy Johnson, Edphelia Kuyateh, Allison Spray, Sophia Schuyler, Asia Traylor, Jocelyn Larson, Emyly Torres, Ava Lundstrom, Kayla Leopold, Kennedi Mohagen, Madison Karna, Trinity Reinke, Eliana Reyes, and Alivia Karna.

The cheerleaders had their first few practices in these last couple of weeks. The creation of the cheer team was greatly influenced by the help of Desiree Smith, a member of the cheer team. She interviewed candidates for the coaching position and chose Coach Chelsea. Coach Chelsea has six years of personal cheer experience as well as eleven years of coaching experience. She previously coached at North Dakota Elite and West Fargo High School before coming here, to Horace High. The cheerleaders feel very lucky to have such an experienced coach to guide them to success and help pep up the school.

In an interview with Desiree Smith, she described practices as a fun, new experience for her as she enjoys learning cheers and creating some of her own. The cheerleaders will make their debut on December 6th at the basketball game. Congrats to the cheer team and good luck!