Volleyball Playoffs


Keilee Joshua-Kinnischtzke, Student Writer

Horace high volleyball had their first varsity team this year and made it to volleyball playoffs. Some of the girls were expecting to make it to EDC, and some were not but when they did it was a huge surprise to all of them. Making it to the EDC tournament was a huge accomplishment for them. They almost went to the 4th set with Davies during the 2nd round.

Their goal they made for the game was to try and make it to top 4 in EDC and make it to state. One of the girls, Alyssa Sommerfeld, was the first Horace hawk to be selected to the All-EDC team. The girls did not have any experience being in the playoffs before, but their coach Hadley Steffen thought they did an excellent job.

At the end of the season all of the Horace Girls’ Volleyball Teams got together and had a banquet. The banquet went great, short, and “sweet” with some ice cream. It was great for all the coaches to recognize everyone in the program and to give out the individual awards to the girls.