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Hawks Take To the Playoffs In Style

After the win from the Horace Hawks against Watford City, the Hawks Football Team headed to the playoffs. After this event, the players have dyed their hair. The players on offense have dyed their hair black, and the defensive players have dyed their hair bleach blond. Running back, Charlie Leshovsky, created this idea, “The idea was from me and some of the other seniors and it was kind of a way to show each other that were fully bought into the playoff push.” When asking some of the players why they went through with this, wide receiver, Israel Bauer, replied, “I dyed my hair to show the seniors I’m playing for them every snap, the purpose of dying your hair is almost as a celebration of the achievement being placed in the playoff bracket.” The boys have started this tradition as a tribute to the seniors and have some final fun before the season ends! There have also been many mixed reactions to their new looks. Israel Bauer joked, “A lot of people saying I look like Xxxtentacion without dreads.” The Football team’s new looks have increased school spirit and school talk! This has been a great tradition that the football team has started!

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