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Introduction to PF Debate Topic

Student Loan Debate

Resolved: The United States federal government should forgive all federal student loan debt

With student loans being a highly debated topic in today’s world, students of Public Forum Debate (Partner Debate) prepare to argue the forgiveness of college debt. Through this article, we will analyze the intent and arguments centered around this year’s Public Forum Debate Topic.

Staring with the affirmative’s argument, the goal of the pro is to prove why we should forgive student loans. Arguments involving the economy and human impacts are all solid starting points for constructing an affirmative case.

With over 20 percent of Americans struggling with student loans according to the Education Data Initiative, playing off the harsh impact student loans have on the average citizen can have huge weight in the debate. Showing examples of debt burdening Americans from paying for basic necessities, and how forgiveness can boost entrepreneurship are all great points for the Aff to advance.

Looking through a opposite lens, the negation has the job of presenting why we should not forgive student loan debt. Great places to start including looking at the reason why we are arguing to relieve student debt in the first place and how other issues could be more effective. Diving into who controls college tuition prices in the first place can prove to be great launch pads for ideas on how wiping out student debt won’t change a larger issue.

The negation May agree that student debt is bad, while at the same time advance an argument proposing that forgiving debt isn’t the right solution.

Remember, these are only starting points and there are always deeper topics within further evidence.

Does this topic sound interesting to you? Contact Mr. Amberg for more information on joining debate!

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