Winter Dress Up Week!

Kae Stevermer, Student Writer

Don’t you just love it when the school lets you dress in your most ridiculous outfits? Everyone should, it’s really fun! That is why you should look forward to the week of February 6th to the 10th! Next week is the snow week dress up, and I’m sure you have seen the MANY posters scattered around the school concerning it, but here is an article putting the poster into words.

Each day has something different, to make each day super fun! Monday is the classic pajama day, make sure to bring your favorite pajamas and try not to fall asleep! Tuesday is anything but a backpack day! Bring a shopping cart or a rice cooker, whatever you want to carry your iPad and your homework! Wednesday is BBQ dad VS. soccer mom! The stereotypical annoying or outgoing parents, everyone knows them! Put on your best sun visor or khakis and join us for the funniest Wednesday of the school year! Thursday is the classic celebrity day! Go all out and impersonate your favorite famous person! Friday is high school cliques day! Dress as the popular girls, the football boys, the emo band kids, or any clique you want and try and keep an accent up for the entire day!

This week is the week for fun, so have fun and go all out! As well, make sure to check out our article about the pep rally this Friday HERE so you can be prepared for that as well!